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Added with: Mist 2.0
gets heading-error corrected direction from point along line vector vec in radians. Value will always be between 0 and 2Pi (360 degrees)
number mist.utils.getDir(vec3 vec , vec3 point )
Valid Input Values:
mist.utils.getDir(mist.vec.sub(point1, point2))
Return value:
Return example:
Angle in radians
Usage Examples:
If given two points and using mist.vec.sub to get the line vector, the line "drawn" from p2 to p1.
 local p1 = mist.utils.makeVec3GL(trigger.misc.getZone('z1').point)
 local p2 = mist.utils.makeVec3GL(trigger.misc.getZone('z2').point)
 local dir = mist.utils.getDir(mist.vec.sub(p1, p2))
mist.getNorthCorrection is part of this function only if the optional variable is passed.

With mist 4.0.59 the point variable is optional to allow for returning a "raw" heading between two points.

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