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Added with: Mist 2.0
Returns a string of the Bearing Range and Altitude (BRA) based on the inputed variables. The number az defines the bearing in radians. Range is defined by dist. Altitude is defined by the alt. If metric is not present the function will assume all values are in imperial units and will return the Range and Altitude in Nautical Miles and Feet. If metric is present the metric system will be used for these values.
string mist.toStringBR(number az ,number dist , number altitude ,boolean metric )
Valid Input Values:
az = heading in radians

dist is distance to target in meters alt is altitude of target in meters metric is a boolean value that if present will return the string in the metric system. If not present it returns in Nautical Miles for distance and feet for altitude

Return value:
Return example:
045 for 34 at 23000
Usage Examples:




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