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Added with: Mist 2.0
Returns a string of the Latitude/Longitude coordinate specified in the numbers lat and long to the accuracy of number n. String s is an optional variable to display in the format of Degrees Minutes Seconds. If s is not present the default format will be degrees decimal minutes.
string mist.tostringLL(number lat ,number long ,number n , boolean s )
Valid Input Values:
Lat = latitude coordinate

long = longitude coordinate

n = any number 0 to 6 for the number of decimal places

s = boolean value if present will display coordinate in Degrees decimal minutes.

Return value:
Return example:
The same LL coordinate with different n values:
mist.tostringLL(40.15, 43.50, 3)       => 40 09.000'N   43 30.000'E
mist.tostringLL(40.15, 43.50, 1)       => 40 09.0'N   43 30.0'E
mist.tostringLL(40.15, 43.50, 3, true) => 40 09' 00.000"N   43 30' 00.000"E
mist.tostringLL(40.15, 43.50, 1, true) => 40 09' 00.0"N   43 30' 00.0"E
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