DCS Class Static Object

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Scripting Root

Class Name: StaticObject Added with: 1.2.0
Extends: none
Inherits: Object, Coalition Object
Description: Represents static objects added in the Mission Editor or via scripting commands.
Member Functions: getID, getLife, getCargoDisplayName, getCargoWeight, getDrawArgumentValue

Inherited from Object Class: isExist, destroy, getCategory, getTypeName, getDesc, hasAttribute, getName, getPoint, getPosition, getVelocity, inAir

Inherited from Coalition Object Class: getCoalition, getCountry

Obtained Via: Static Functions Functions Events


Enumerator Types: StaticObject.Category enum that stores StaticObject categories.
StaticObject.Category = {
 "VOID": 0,
 "UNIT": 1,
 "WEAPON": 2,
 "STATIC": 3,
 "BASE": 4,
 "SCENERY": 5,
 "CARGO": 6 
Description Table Structure:
Notes: Cargo objects are still static objects and retain access to the whole static object class functions. The function Object.getCategory() will return a value of 6 for cargo objects instead of 3 as it would for any other type of static object.