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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: getFuel Added with: 1.2.3
Member Of: Unit
Syntax: number Unit.getFuel(Class Self )
Description: Returns a percentage of the current fuel remaining in an aircraft's inventory based on the maximum possible fuel load. Value ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. If external fuel tanks are present the value may display above 1.0. Fuel is always drained from the external tanks before moving to internal tanks.

Ground vehicles and ships will always return a value of 1.

Return Value: number
Return Example: 0.85
Examples: The following is the fuel returned for a flight of 4 F-15C. The flight lead has 0 external fuel tanks with each subsequent wingman adding a 610 Gal external fuel tank to their payload.
 local flightFuel = {}
 for i, unitObject in pairs(Group.getByName('flight'):getUnits()) do
   flightFuel[i] = Unit.getFuel(unitObject)

Returns the following:

Unit 1 Fuel: 1
Unit 2 Fuel: 1.3026511669159
Unit 3 Fuel: 1.6053023338318
Unit 4 Fuel: 1.9079535007477
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