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The RWR display

The Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) is located on the front dash to the left of the CMSC and to the right of the Left MFCD.


The RWR does not have much interaction. The only knob on the interface itself is a Intensity knob on the upper left, twisting this knob with your scroll wheel will increase and decrease the brightness of the display. There are some additional options on the CMSC Panel.

Threat Display

The RWR displays threats in reference to your aircraft at the center of the circle, note that it does not detect range only azimuth. It will however sort by greatest threat; the closer the icon is to the center of the display generally indicates the greatest threat to your aircraft at the moment. A F in the center of the display indicates that it has failed and cannot be used.

See the DCS Threat Information page for specific information about the threats.

Threat Symbology

The following are the indicated threat symbols.

  • RWR-Diamond.png - Primary threat as dictated by the RWR.
  • RWR-Track.png - Threat is tracking/locked on your aircraft.
  • RWR-New.png - Newest threat detected.
  • RWR-Airborne.png - Airborne threat.


  • RWR-A-Track.png - AAA threat that is tracking/locked onto your aircraft and is the primary threat.
  • RWR-BB-New-NoTrack.png - SA-10 "Big Bird" search RADAR that is not tracking/locked onto your aircraft. It is the newest threat present, however it is not the primary threat.

Ground Based Threats

Airborne Threats