DCS event score

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Event: S_EVENT_SCORE Added with: 2.5.6
Enum ID: 29
Description: Occurs when any modification to the "Score" as seen on the debrief menu would occur. There is no information on what values the score was changed to. Event is likely similar to player_comment in this regard.
Table Format: The SCORE event table is in the following format.
Event = {
  id = 29,
  time = Time,
Events: shot, hit, takeoff, land, crash, ejection, refueling, dead, pilot_dead, base_captured, mission_start, mission_end, took_control, refueling_stop, birth, human_failure, detailed_failure, engine_startup, engine_shutdown, player_enter_unit, player_leave_unit, player_comment, shooting_start, shooting_end, mark_added, mark_change, mark_remove, kill, score, unit_lost, landing_after_ejection, discard_chair_after_ejection, weapon_add, landing_quality_mark