DCS event landing after ejection

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Enum ID: 31
Description: Occurs shortly after the landing animation of an ejected pilot touching the ground and standing up.
  Initiator : Static object representing the ejected pilot.
  Place : Aircraft that the pilot ejected from.
Table Format: The dead event table is in the following format.
Event = {
  id = 31,
  time = Time,
  initiator = Unit,
  place = Unit,
  subplace = number,  
Notes: Place may not return as a valid object if the aircraft has crashed into the ground and no longer exists.

Subplace is always 0 for unknown reasons.

Event does not occur if the pilot lands in the water and sub combs to Davey Jones Locker.

Events: shot, hit, takeoff, land, crash, ejection, refueling, dead, pilot_dead, base_captured, mission_start, mission_end, took_control, refueling_stop, birth, human_failure, detailed_failure, engine_startup, engine_shutdown, player_enter_unit, player_leave_unit, player_comment, shooting_start, shooting_end, mark_added, mark_change, mark_remove, kill, score, unit_lost, landing_after_ejection, discard_chair_after_ejection, weapon_add, landing_quality_mark