DCS event unit lost

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Event: S_EVENT_UNIT_LOST Added with: 2.5.6
Enum ID: 30
Description: Occurs when the game thinks an object is destroyed.

Initiator : The unit that is was destroyed.

Table Format: The unit lost table is in the following format.
Event = {
  id = 30,
  time = Time,
  initiator = Unit,
Notes: Comment as of event addition at 2.5.6. Unsure of the purpose of this event at this time. It has the same data as the dead event, occurs at the same time, and occurs for aircraft when killed but before they crash into the ground. Attempting to gather more data.
Events: shot, hit, takeoff, land, crash, ejection, refueling, dead, pilot_dead, base_captured, mission_start, mission_end, took_control, refueling_stop, birth, human_failure, detailed_failure, engine_startup, engine_shutdown, player_enter_unit, player_leave_unit, player_comment, shooting_start, shooting_end, mark_added, mark_change, mark_remove, kill, score, unit_lost, landing_after_ejection, discard_chair_after_ejection, weapon_add, landing_quality_mark