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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: ctfColorTag Added with: 2.5.6
Member Of: trigger.action
Syntax: function trigger.action.ctfColorTag(string unitName , enum smokeColor )
Description: Creates a smoke plume behind a specified aircraft. When passed 0 for smoke type the plume will be disabled. When triggering the on the same unit with a different color the plume will simply change color.

Optional value for altitude can be set. This value is in meters and defines the altitude at which the aircraft must be for the smoke to dispense. If the aircraft goes below that altitude the smoke will stop. As long as the smoke is enabled the toggling on/off by changing altitude is automated.

  Disable 0
  Green   1
  Red     2
  White   3
  Orange  4
  Blue    5

Return Value: function
Return Example: none
Examples: The following creates a blue smoke plume on an aircraft named "IWishEDWouldDocumentFeaturesMore" that will be enabled based on the altitude the aircraft was at when the function was run.
   trigger.action.ctfColorTag('IWishEDWouldDocumentFeaturesMore', 5)
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Notes: The color matches the smokeColor enumerator, but the values are offset up by 1.