DCS singleton trigger

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Singleton: trigger Added with: 1.2.0
Description: The trigger singleton contains a number of functions that mimic actions and conditions found within the mission editor triggers. As a result these functions provide an easy way to interface with triggers setup within the mission editor. Additionally a few trigger functions act as a gateway between mission editor triggers and related scripting functions.
Functions: getUserFlag, setUserFlag, getZone, explosion, smoke, effectSmokeBig, illuminationBomb, signalFlare, radioTransmission

outSound, outSoundForCoalition, outSoundForCountry, outSoundForGroup, outText, outTextForCoalition, outTextForCountry, outTextForGroup

addOtherCommand, removeOtherCommand, addOtherCommandForCoalition, removeOtherCommandForCoalition, addOtherCommandForGroup, removeOtherCommandForGroup

markToAll, markToCoalition, markToGroup, removeMark

setAITask, pushAITask, activateGroup, deactivateGroup, setGroupAIOn, setGroupAIOff, groupStopMoving, groupContinueMoving

Enumerators and Other Data: enum for smoke color
  Green   0
  Red     1
  White   2
  Orange  3
  Blue    4

enum for flare color

  Green   0
  Red     1
  White   2
  Yellow  3