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Scripting Root

Envrioment: Mission Scripting
Function: effectSmokeBig Added with: 2.5.1
Member Of: trigger.action
Syntax: function trigger.action.effectSmokeBig(table vec3 , enum smoke preset , number density , string name)
Description: Creates a large smoke effect on a vec3 point of a specified type and density.
 1 = small smoke and fire
 2 = medium smoke and fire
 3 = large smoke and fire
 4 = huge smoke and fire
 5 = small smoke
 6 = medium smoke 
 7 = large smoke
 8 = huge smoke 

Density is any value from 0 to 1. For example 0.5

Name is a unique name given to the smoke mark to be used with removing it.

Return Value: function
Return Example: none
Examples: The following creates a large smoke and fire effect with a density of 0.75
   local someZone = trigger.misc.getZone('whatever').point
   someZone.y = land.getHeight({x = someZone.x, y = someZone.z})  -- compensate for ground level
   trigger.action.effectSmokeBig(someZone, 3, 0.75)
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