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Task: TransmitMessage Added with: 1.5
Hierarchy: Scripting Root > Tasks > Command > TransmitMessage
Tasking Type: Command
For: Airplanes, Helicopters, Ground Vehicles, Ships
Available Under: All tasks types
Description: Transmits an audio message from the unit/group over the currently active radio frequency and modulation. This message will be effected by the radio simulation present within the game. Messages may be inaudible due to distance or obstructions. If the simulation deems the player can hear that the transmission exists (even as static) the subtitles may be displayed.
Format: This task needs to be in the following format.
TransmitMessage = { 
  id = 'TransmitMessage', 
  params = {
    duration = number,
    subtitle = string,
    loop = boolean,
    file = string,

Required parameters: file

file: sound file name to be played.

Optional Parameters: duration, loop, subtitle

loop: if set to true the radio message will repeat the moment the audio message has ended.

duration: Length of time the subtitles will be displayed. Not applicable if loop is set to true.

subtitle: Text to appear in the radio message queue (default top left corner of screen)

Enumerators: N/A
Examples: The following will transmit a message from a group named "someFlight" and play the wave file tusk_onstation.wav.
   local msg = { 
     id = 'TransmitMessage', 
     params = {
       duration = 5,
       subtitle = "Radio Message",
       loop = false,
       file ="l10n/DEFAULT/tusk_onstation.wav",
Notes: For reducing radio communications or outright silencing the group see the relevant options. Prohibit WP Pass Report and Silence

See article Mission Editor: AI Tasking for more information on how AI tasking is handled within DCS.

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