DCS option formation

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Task: Formation Added with: 1.2.4
Hierarchy: Scripting Root > Tasks > Option > Formation
Tasking Type: Option
For: Aircraft and Helicopters
Available Under: Everything
Description: Sets the current formation a group of helicopters and aircraft will be in.
Format: All options have an option ID and Value. For more information see the article on the AI enumerator.

Option Identifier:

Enumerators: Fixed Wing
Formations Line Abreast Trail Wedge Echelon Right Echelon Left Finger Four Spread Bomber Element Bomber Element Height Fighter Vic
Close 65537 131073 196609 262145 327681 393217 458753 786433 851968 917505
Open 65538 131074 196610 262146 327682 393218 458754 786434 nil 917506
Group Close 65539 131075 196611 262147 327683 393219 458755 786435 nil nil


Formations Column Wedge Front Right Front Left Echelon Right Echelon Left
70 720896 8 nil nil 589825 590081
300 nil nil 655361 655617 589826 590082
600 nil nil 655362 655618 589827 590083
Notes: See article Mission Editor: AI Tasking for more information on how AI tasking is handled within DCS.
Task List: Task Wrappers: mission, ComboTask, ControlledTask, WrappedAction

Tasks: AttackGroup, AttackUnit, Bombing, Strafing, CarpetBombing, AttackMapObject, BombingRunway, orbit, refueling, land, follow, followBigFormation, escort, Embarking, fireAtPoint, hold, FAC_AttackGroup, EmbarkToTransport, DisembarkFromTransport, CargoTransportation, goToWaypoint, groundEscort, RecoveryTanker

En-route Tasks: engageTargets, engageTargetsInZone, engageGroup, engageUnit, awacs, tanker, ewr, FAC_engageGroup, FAC

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Options: ROE, Reaction To Threat, Radar Using, Flare Using, Formation, RTB On Bingo, silence, Disperse on Attack, Alarm State, RTB on Out of Ammo, ECM Using, Prohibit AA, Prohibit Jettison, Prohibit Afterburner, Prohibit AG, Missile Attack Range, Prohibit WP Pass Report, Engage Air Weapons, Option Radio Usage Contact, Option Radio Usage Engage, Option Radio Usage Kill, AC Engagement Range Restriction, jett tanks if empty, forced attack, Altitude Restriction for AAA Min, restrict targets, Altitude Restriction for AAA Max, Prefer Vertical