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Task: FAC_EngageGroup Added with: 1.2.4
Hierarchy: Scripting Root > Tasks > Enroute task > FAC_EngageGroup
Tasking Type: Enroute task
For: Airplanes, Helicopters, Ground Vehicles
Available Under: AFAC, Ground Nothing
Description: Assigns the controlled group to act as a Forward Air Controller or JTAC and engage the specified group as a JTAC target once it is detected. This task adds the group to the JTAC radio menu and interacts with a player to destroy the target.
Format: This task needs to be in the following format.
FAC_EngageGroup = { 
  id = 'FAC_EngageGroup ', 
  params = { 
    groupId = Group.ID,
    weaponType = number,
    designation = enum AI.Task.Designation,
    datalink = boolean
    frequency = number
    modulation = enum radio.modulation
    callname = number callsignId
    number = number callsignNum 
    priority = number   

Required parameters:

groupId: Defines the group that is to be assigned by JTAC

Optional Parameters:

weaponType: Weapon type enumerator that defines the preferred weapon of choice to smite thy enemy.

designation: enumerator defining the preferred designation to be used. May be limited by line of sight.

datalink: Boolean value that determines whether or not the JTAC will send the 9-line via SADL. By default this option is enabled.

priority: The priority of the tasking, the lower the number the more important the objective is. Helps define the order in which AI will execute tasking. By default the value is 0.

Enumerators: {{{enum}}}
Notes: See article Mission Editor: AI Tasking for more information on how AI tasking is handled within DCS.

Assignment of callsign and radio is relatively new, need to investigate if those values are optional and if values are inherited from previous FAC tasks. ~ Grimes

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